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Some new photos

First, the kids’ school photos for this year:

Nicole's school photo for Fall 2010

Owen's school photo for Fall 2010

Here is the “official” photo of Nicole performing in the 2010 Cheer Jam last month:

Nicole performing at the 2010 Cheer Jam

And finally, a look at my new office setup:

My new home office setup

I spent a lot of time over the last few days, cleaning up and re-organizing my home office.  The two monitors in the front are used by my desktop (hidden under the desk) and my work laptop on the right shares the larger centered monitor and keyboard and mouse via a KVM switch.  The small monitor on the right isn’t hooked up to anything, but is available for use should I need it.  Behind the smaller monitor on the left is all of our network gear (and there is a LOT of it) and behind the main monitor is an external hard drive and (currently) a lot of empty space.  My various USB docks are on the right and I’ve got my two iPods, Palm Pre phone, and Livescribe pen docked.  My Blackberry is sitting on top of a Livescribe notebook on the desk.  And the white and black device on the right, next to the small monitor and the laptop, is a Sprint Airave femtocell.

I admit it’s not the most attractive workspace in the world, but it works for me and is a whole lot better than it was before I re-did it.


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