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Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…

I admit I don’t really get the whole Charlie Sheen thing.  I mean I get why people are watching; it’s not  just a train wreck, it’s a high-speed maglev train wrecking into the Hindenburg carrying a load of fireworks and strippers.  But I’m not sure what Charlie is in it for.  I mean I can understand wanting to nail porn stars three at a time; I am a guy.  That sort of thing will kill you, but slowly.  But sucking in piles of cocaine will kill you quickly.  Very quickly.  Just look at the guy!  He looks like he’s aged 20 years in the last six months.  And he has no more teeth thanks to the crack that he’s chain smoking like Marlboro Lights.  Obviously he’s bat-crap crazy, but he seems to have it all going for him, what with the popular TV show and more money than God.  Why the death wish?

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“it’s not just a train wreck, it’s a high-speed maglev train wrecking into the Hindenburg carrying a load of fireworks and strippers”

And the Oscar for Best Sentence goes to... :) :)

“Why the death wish?”

Gosh, this comes up all the time. You can ask the same about Kurt Cobain. Or Michael Hutchence. We've always had this. I guess the facile answer is what your grandparents would tell you: fame, and money, and having everything go your way -- your material life is not where happiness comes from.

I think part of it is what Curmudge said. There's a long history of self-destructive behavior when it comes to the rich and famous.

However, I honestly do believe that Charlie Sheen is mentally ill. His behavior in all of the interview clips that I've seen looks so much like a manic episode. My mom is bi-polar so I have some experience with it, unfortunately. Luckily she did not choose to do crack or nail porn stars -- ha -- but some people get very self-destructive. So if that is the case -- and especially coupled with drug use -- he is not thinking rationally when he's making these decisions.

The sad thing is that because he's a celebrity, it's unlikely that anybody around him is willing or able to take control of the situation (certainly the two girlfriends wouldn't, they'd lose their cash cow). And obviously the media is loving it. So he'll just keep going until he crashes, or does something more drastic.

He's bipolar. He's having an absolutely classic manic episode. This has nothing to do with drugs or hookers, this is a mental disorder. He can deny he's bipolar all he wants, but every single statement he's made publicly in the last 6 weeks has been *classic* manic behaviour.

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