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Canadian football

So during a long summer and faced with the possibility of no NFL this year, God help me, I was watching Canadian football.  It was just awful.  Only the Canadians could take something as awesome as football and eff it up this bad.  It's like they wanted to play football like we do, but couldn't quite figure out all of the rules, so they just made some stuff up.

On several plays, the offense had three receivers in motion running at the line of scrimmage before the snap.  It's like they've confused the forward pass in football with a hockey breakout pass.  I half expected the refs to call a two-line pass penalty on anything going over 10 yards.  (And what's with the red flag that the refs throw? Do Canadians not have the gene that lets them see yellow?)

At one point, the offense did get called for having too many men in the huddle. In American, ahem... REAL football, you get 11 players a side.  In the CFL, they get about 30.  I think the problem in this particular huddle was that they had the entire team, some fans from the stands, and a couple of beer venders.

There was a nice interception, and the player was trying to run it back for a touchdown ("touchdoon"?).  But seeing as the Canadian football field is over seven miles long, he passed out from exhaustion before he could make it to the end-zone.

And what's with having only three downs?  Can Canadians not count all the way up to four?  I'm kidding!  I know Canadians can count to four... provided they remove one of their mittens.

Seriously, Arena football is better than this crap.

(OK, that was mean.  I take that back . I think that all football fans can agree that Arena football sucks ass.)

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... must have been an Eskimos game. :-)

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